Profesor Madya Ir. Dr Mohd Fairusham Bin Ghazali


Phd In Mechanical Engineering(2012)

Sheffield University, Sheffield, UK

Msc Thermal Power Fluid Engineering(2005)

Manchester University, Manchester

Ijazah Sarjana Muda Kejuruteraan Mekanikal(2002)

Universiti Teknologi MARA, Cawangan Shah Alam


Currently, Mohd Fairusham is an associate professor and deputy dean of research and postgraduate study at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Universiti Malaysia Pahang. He served as head of programme for Mechanical Engineering from 2012 till 2016 and deputy director for academics centre at university level from 2016-2017. He graduated from The University of Sheffield, UK with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering on 2012. After his first degree in 2002, he works at Gas Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. for about 2 years as Project Engineer before he has joined Universiti Malaysia Pahang as a lecturer. He has shown vast interest in Signal Analysis and Vibration Control research area. At present, he actively involves in Vibration Control, Automatic control engineering, Advanced signal processing and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) research activities. He is Professional Engineer under BEM and also registered as corporate member of IEM.

Current Progress


Computational Fluid Dynamics



Leak Detection

Artificial Intelligence


Transient Signal In Water Pipeline

Artificial Intelligence


No Code Subject
No. Title Role Start Date End date Agency Grant Amount(RM) Status
1 An Experimental Investigation Of Acoustical Characteristics Of Leak Signals In Plastic Pipeline Leader 15-NOV-2022 14-NOV-2024 PENERBITAN ANTARABANGSA 40,000.00 On-Going
2 An Investigation And Optimization Of Acoustical Characteristics Of Leak Signals In Mdpe Pipeline System Leader 01-SEP-2022 31-AUG-2025 PGRS 4,500.00 On-Going
3 Inspection Technique For Non-Metallic Underground Piping Leader 20-DEC-2021 19-DEC-2023 LAB2MARKET SEED FUND 67,000.00 On-Going
4 Development Of Prototype Equipment For Leak Detection In Real Water Pipeline Distribution System Based On Pressure Transient Analysis Leader 15-DEC-2020 14-NOV-2022 PEMBANGUNAN PRODUK 34,000.00 -
5 Development Of Single Sensor Leak Detection System Based On Pressure Transient For Field Testing Leader 01-DEC-2019 31-AUG-2022 PRGS 91,900.00 -
6 Quantifying Acoustic And Pressure Transient Signal For Leak Localization In Water Distribution System Based On Instantaneous Frequency Analysis Leader 15-OCT-2019 14-OCT-2021 PGRS 4,150.00 -
7 Penajaan Energy Security And Chemical Engineering Congress (Esche 2019) Leader 17-JUL-2019 19-JUL-2019 GIFT/DONATION/SPONSOR 12,000.00 Finished
8 Formulation Of Modelling Using Machine Learning Of Accelerometer-Based Leak Detection For Gas Pipeline Application Leader 01-MAY-2019 30-JUL-2021 GERAN DALAM 35,463.00 -
9 An Investigation Into The Effects Of Resonances On The Time Delay Estimation For Leak Detection In Plastic Water Distribution Pipes Leader 15-AUG-2017 14-NOV-2020 FRGS 89,803.00 -
10 Hydraulic Characterization Of Pvc-O Pipes By Means Of Transient Tests Leader 25-MAY-2017 24-MAY-2019 GERAN DALAM 23,000.00 -
11 Empirical Mode Decomposition (Emd)-Based Signal Analysis Of A Diesel Engine Using Biodiesel Leader 25-DEC-2014 24-DEC-2016 GERAN DALAM 20,000.00 Finished
12 Development Of Bearing Fault Detection System Based On Vibration Signal Leader 15-NOV-2014 14-NOV-2016 GERAN DALAM 21,860.00 Finished
13 Leak Detection In Gas Pipeline Using Wavelet-Based Filtering Leader 25-JUL-2014 24-JUL-2016 PGRS 2,000.00 -
14 Leak Detection In Water Distribution Pipeline Using Synchrosqueeze Leader 25-JUL-2014 24-JUL-2017 PGRS 8,000.00 -
15 Water Leaks Detection And Location In Water Pipe Distribution Systems Based Oon Pressure Transients Analysis (Pta) Leader 25-FEB-2014 24-FEB-2016 PGRS 2,300.00 -
16 Leak Detection In A Steel Pipeline System By Empirical Mode Decomposition (Emd) Analysis Of A Pressure Transient Leader 01-DEC-2013 30-NOV-2015 GERAN DALAM 22,120.00 Finished
17 A New Technique Of Leak Detection In A Gas Pipeline Network Based On Time Reversal Method And Non Linear Acoustic Leader 01-APR-2013 31-MAR-2016 FRGS 109,500.00 -
18 Leaks Detection And Locak In Water Distribution Sytems Based On Pressure Transients Analysis Leader 15-DEC-2012 14-DEC-2014 RAGS 50,000.00 -
19 Elucidating The Structural And Optical Of Green Synthesized Zno-Ta Nanostructures Member 25-DEC-2022 24-DEC-2024 GERAN DALAM 40,000.00 On-Going
20 Ultrasound-Assisted Lignin Nanoparticles For Effective Oil Recovery From Contaminated Oily Sludge Member 15-DEC-2022 14-DEC-2024 GERAN DALAM 36,500.00 On-Going
21 Synthesis Of Natural-Based Nano-Cellulose And Sio2Nanoparticles: Characterization, Properties And HeatTransfer Performance Of Bio-Hybrid Nanofluids Member 15-NOV-2022 14-NOV-2024 PENYELIDIKAN UNGGUL 49,550.00 On-Going
22 Tribological Performance Of Mono And Hybrid Al2o3- Sio2-Tio2 Nanolubricants For Automotive Airconditioning Application (Uic221513) Member 05-NOV-2022 04-DEC-2023 PADANAN ANTARABANGSA 10,000.00 On-Going
23 Tribological Performance Of Mono And Hybrid Al2o3-Sio2-Tio2 Nanolubricants For Automotive Airconditioning Application (Rdu222701) Member 05-NOV-2022 04-OCT-2023 ANTARABANGSA 10,000.00 On-Going
24 Development Of Weld Quality Estimation Model For A Tailor Welded Blank Fabrication From Pulse Mode Laser Welding Process By The Analysis Of The Acoustic Signal Member 01-SEP-2022 31-AUG-2024 FRGS 83,328.00 On-Going
25 Development Of Modified Cream Separator Machine For Food Industry Member 01-JUL-2022 30-JUN-2024 PEMBANGUNAN PRODUK 40,000.00 On-Going
26 Development Of A Real-Time Laser Texturing Process Monitoring System Member 15-NOV-2021 14-NOV-2023 MADE IN UMP 73,500.00 On-Going
27 Investigation And Optimization On The Effects Of Biodiesel Usage Towards The Noise And Vibration In The Diesel Engine Member 07-SEP-2021 06-SEP-2024 FRGS 150,036.00 On-Going
28 Elucidation Of Inhibition Mechanism Of Self-Healing Polymeric Coatings Upon Microbial Induced Corrosion(Mic) On Carbon Steel Surface Member 07-SEP-2021 06-SEP-2023 FRGS 82,000.00 On-Going
29 A Novel Formulation Of Kapton/Nanocrystalline Cellulose (Ncc) Carbon Membrane For Carbon Dioxide Separation Member 15-APR-2021 14-APR-2023 GERAN DALAM 31,850.00 -
30 Development Of Fiber Bragg Grating Measurement System For Prognostic Health Monitoring Of Engineering Structures Member 01-DEC-2019 31-AUG-2022 PRGS 124,099.00 -
31 Interaction Of Lamb Waves Flexural Mode And Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor In Pulse-Echo Approach For Progressive Damage Monitoring In Thin-Walled Composite Structures Member 01-SEP-2019 31-MAY-2022 FRGS 88,200.00 -
32 An Investigation Of Ambient Response Suppression For Experimental Modal Analysis Using Time Frequency Based Filter Member 01-SEP-2019 31-MAY-2022 FRGS 81,200.00 -
33 Experimental Investigation Of Thermal Conductivity And Electrical Conductivity Of Bioglycol - Water Mixture Based Al2o3 Nanofluid Flow Member 10-MAY-2019 09-AUG-2021 GERAN DALAM 33,000.00 -
34 Development Of Spectrum Deviation Filter Algorithm For Harmonics Elimination In Modal Testing Member 05-OCT-2017 04-OCT-2019 GERAN DALAM 24,000.00 -
35 Investigation Of Dynamic Model Updating Of Car Crash Box For Crashworthiness Analysis Member 15-AUG-2017 14-NOV-2020 FRGS 79,200.00 -
36 Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis Of Oil-Free Turbomachinery Member 30-JUN-2017 29-JUN-2019 GERAN DALAM 20,000.00 -
37 Solving Universiti Malaysia Pahang Examination Invigilators Scheduling Problem Using Step-Counting Hill Climbing Member 30-JUN-2017 29-JUN-2019 GERAN DALAM 24,999.00 -
38 A Development Of A Damage Monitoring System Using An Embedded Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors Member 25-MAY-2017 24-MAY-2019 GERAN DALAM 22,000.00 -
39 Model Acoustic Emission System With Time-Frequency Analysis For Thickness Monitoring Member 25-DEC-2014 24-DEC-2016 GERAN DALAM 32,000.00 Finished
40 The Application Of Dynamic Pressure Sensor Based On Fbgs For Monitoring Of Water Supply System Member 25-DEC-2014 24-DEC-2016 GERAN DALAM 27,000.00 Finished
41 Deep Twist Drilling Technique For Increasing Cooling Channel Length In Hot Forming Die Member 15-JUL-2014 14-JUL-2016 SCIENCEFUND 274,153.00 -
42 Low Frequency Modulation Of Ultrasonic Guided Wave Method For Small Crack Pipeline Detection Member 25-DEC-2013 24-DEC-2015 GERAN DALAM 28,400.00 Finished
43 A New Algorithm To Identify Nonlinear Vibration Of Car Body In White (Biw) Structure Member 01-DEC-2013 30-NOV-2016 FRGS 120,800.00 -
44 Development Of Quality Monitoring System For Dissimilar Metals Welding Using And Air Borne Acoustic Wave Member 15-JUN-2013 14-DEC-2015 GERAN DALAM 34,500.00 Finished
45 The Development Of The Electric Energy Management System For Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle Member 04-JAN-2007 30-MAR-2008 GERAN DALAM 41,000.00 -
46 Motorized-Battery Operated Vehicles Member 04-JAN-2007 30-SEP-2008 GERAN DALAM 81,700.00 -
No Project Customer Start Date End Date Project Amount (RM)
No Type Name Registration No File Date
1 Patent An Assembly For Detecting Fluid Leakage Froma Fluid Pipeline System 2022005854 19-OCT-2022
2 Patent Leak Locator: Rig To Real (Llrr) 2018701719 30-APR-2018
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