Profesor Ts. Dr. Jolius Bin Gimbun


Phd Kejuruteraan Kimia(2009)

Loughborough University, UK

Teaching And Learning For Postgraduate(2007)

Loughborough University, UK

Msc. Env. Eng.(2004)

Universiti Putra Malaysia

Plc Basic & Advanced Certificate(2002)

Universiti Putra Malaysia

B. Eng. (Chemical)(2002)

Universiti Putra Malaysia


Jolius attended Universiti Putra Malaysia, where he earned his B.Eng. (Chemical) in 2002 and his M.Sc. (Env. Eng.) in 2004. The Product Formulation Group in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University, UK, awarded him a PhD in 2009 after he began his studies there on a scholarship in 2006. Jolius serves on the ETAC Accreditation Panel (BEM), the MyRA IPT Panel (KPT), SETARA Panel (KPT), KKP Panel (KPT), and the FRGS Panel (KPT). Since 2020, Jolius has held the position of full professor at the FKKSA UMP. He helped establish the University of Malaysia Pahang's Centre for Research in Advanced Fluid and Processes (Fluid Centre), which is formerly known as Centre of Excellence for Advanced Research in Fluid Flow (CARiFF). Computer fluid dynamics (CFD) and population balance modelling were Dr. Gimbun's areas of expertise. With over 20 years of expertise in CFD from his time at UPM, UMP, and Loughborough, he has worked on a wide variety of projects, from algorithm creation to sophisticated flow simulation. He had run CFD simulations for both academic and commercial purposes with Petronas, Lynas, BASF, Carsten Ranico, Perwaja, among others. Over the years, he has expanded his research to food engineering (herbal processing, protein) and biofuel (syngas, biodiesel, and bioethanol). Jolius belongs to the world's top 2% of scientists, according to Stanford University.

Scopus ID: 6506913348

ResearcherID: D-8293-2011

Publons: 1176060

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Current Progress


Analytical Method

Morphology; Phenolic; Flavonoid; Antioxidant; Identification (Lc)


Water Treatment; Adsorption

Drinking Water Treatment; Wastewater Treatment


Finite Element Method (Fem), Spreadsheet & Matlab

Mixing; Scale-Up; Stirred Tank Bioreactor; Cyclone; Bubble Column; Spray Dryer; Combustion


Population Balance Modelling

C++, Matlab, Cfd


Extraction; Microencapsulation; Analysis

Orthosiphon Stamineus; Habbatus Sauda; Labisia Pumila; Cassia Alata; Andrographis Paniculata


Microencapsulation, Drying, Extraction

Whey Protein, Averrhoa Bilimbi, Polyphenol; Herbal Tea; Essential Oil



Thermodynamics Degradation Of Protein And Polyphenols; Heat Exchanger Design


Computational Fluid Dynamics

Particle Separation; Combustion; Multiphase; Mixing



Fermentation Of Oil Palm Trunk Sap To Bioethanol


Fermentation; Bioreactor Design

Bioethanol; Glutamic Acid


Particle Technology And Noxious Gas

Pm5, Cyclone, 3-Way Catalytic Converter



Catalysis, Microwave, Ultrasonics And Enzymatic Transesterification


No Code Subject
No. Title Role Start Date End date Agency Grant Amount(RM) Status
1 Synthesis Of Sustainable Fuel From Oil Palm Residue Leader 01-SEP-2022 31-AUG-2024 PADANAN UNIVERSITI 20,000.00 On-Going
2 Computational Fluids Dynamics Of Hydrocyclone Desander: Design And Analysis Leader 20-JUL-2019 19-OCT-2020 INDUSTRI 32,000.00 -
3 Extraction And Profiling Of Phaluria Macrocarpa Polyphenol Compounds Leader 15-MAR-2019 14-MAR-2021 PGRS 2,500.00 -
4 Edotco Lab Bamboo Application: Chemical Treatment And Structural Design Leader 09-JAN-2019 09-JAN-2020 CONTRACT RESEARCH PROJECT 21,400.00 -
5 Elucidating The Mechanism Of Chlorine Gas Dispersion Under The Influence Of Surface Topography And Seasonal Monsoon Wind Around East Coast Peninsular Malaysia Leader 01-JAN-2019 30-SEP-2021 FRGS 88,000.00 -
6 Effect Of Auxiliary Energy On The Yield Of Polyphenols Extraction From Andrographis Paniculata Leader 15-JUN-2018 14-SEP-2020 GERAN DALAM 35,500.00 -
7 Thermal Degradation Kinetics And Microencapsulation Of Pollyohenols Derived From Andrographis Paniculata Leader 01-MAR-2018 28-FEB-2021 PGRS 3,500.00 -
8 Effect Of Auxiliary Energy Of Polyphenols Extraction In Cassia Alata Leader 01-MAR-2018 28-FEB-2020 PGRS 2,500.00 -
9 Misai Kucing Based Supplement For Diuretic And Anti-Diabetic Leader 10-JUL-2017 09-JUL-2018 UMP PRE-COMMERCIALIZATION 64,000.00 -
10 Extraction And Microencapsulation Of Polyphenols From Phyllanthus Niruri Leader 01-MAR-2017 01-MAR-2019 PGRS 3,000.00 -
11 Elucidation Of Thermal Degradation Kinetics Of Labisia Pumila'S Polyphenols Leader 01-MAR-2017 01-MAR-2019 PGRS 3,000.00 -
12 Elucidation Of Thermal Degradation Kinetics Of Labisia PumilaS Polyphenols Leader 01-AUG-2016 31-JUL-2018 FRGS 101,800.00 -
13 Thermal Degradation Kinetics And Control Release Study Of Polyhenols From Labisia Pumila Leader 01-MAY-2016 30-APR-2019 PGRS 4,000.00 -
14 Computational Fluid Dynamics And Population Balance Modelling Of Gas-Liquid System In Airlift Reactor Leader 01-MAY-2016 30-APR-2018 PGRS 3,000.00 -
15 Fabrication Of 3d Hierarchical Scaffolds By Electrospinning Bleded With Bioceramics For Drug Delivery Applications Leader 25-AUG-2015 24-AUG-2018 PGRS 8,000.00 -
16 Assessment Of Pollution Dispersion From Gebeng Industrial Area Leader 01-APR-2015 31-MAR-2017 GERAN DALAM 28,000.00 Finished
17 Thermal Degradation Kinetics And Control Release Study Of Polyphenols From Orthsiphon Stamineus Leader 25-FEB-2014 24-FEB-2017 PGRS 6,000.00 -
18 Transesterfication Of Vegetable Oil Using A Continuous Microwave Assisted Reactor (Cmar) Leader 25-FEB-2014 24-FEB-2016 PGRS 4,000.00 -
19 Computational Fluid Dynamis Study Of Industrial Boiler Leader 25-FEB-2014 24-FEB-2016 PGRS 2,600.00 -
20 Elucidation Of Thermal Degradation Kinetics Of Polyphenols From Orthosiphon Stamineus Leader 01-DEC-2013 30-NOV-2015 FRGS 74,500.00 -
21 Identification Of Biomarkers From Averrhoa Bilimbi And Its Thermal Stability During Spray Drying Leader 01-APR-2013 31-MAR-2016 PGRS 5,000.00 -
22 Thermals Denaturation Of Whey Protein And Maltodextrin Emulsion Leader 01-DEC-2012 30-NOV-2013 ANTARABANGSA PELAJAR 20,000.00 -
23 Thermodynamics And Degradation Kinetics Study Of Flavonoids And Phenolic Acids From Orthosiphon Stamineus Leader 15-NOV-2012 14-NOV-2014 RACE 37,800.00 Finished
24 Development Of An Organically Derived New Microencapsulant To Preserve Nutraceuticals In Habbatus Sauda Extract From Heat Degradation During Spray Drying Leader 15-JUL-2012 14-JUN-2014 GERAN DALAM 36,262.00 -
25 Identification Of Biomarker From Orthosihon Stamineus And Study Of Its Thermal Stability During Spray Drying Leader 15-JUN-2012 14-MAY-2014 PGRS 4,500.00 -
26 Microencapsulation Of Protein To Minimize Its Denaturation During Spray Drying Leader 15-JUN-2012 14-MAY-2014 PGRS 4,500.00 -
27 Synthesis Of Limestone Based Catalyst For Biodiesel Production From Rubber Seed Oil Leader 15-JUN-2012 14-MAY-2014 PGRS 4,500.00 -
28 Catalyst Synthesis From Limestone Catalyst For Biodiesel And Syngas Production Including The Socio-Ecomomic Assessment Leader 01-JUN-2012 30-JUN-2014 PUSAT KECEMERLANGAN MTUN (COE MTUN) 150,930.00 -
29 Solid Catalyst System And Multiple Tubular Reactor Designing For Biodiesel Production Leader 15-NOV-2010 31-MAR-2012 PGRS 6,500.00 -
30 Assesment Of Protein Denaturatiion During The Scale-Up Process Of Spray Drying Leader 01-OCT-2009 31-MAR-2012 GERAN DALAM 40,000.00 -
31 Scale-Up Of Gas-Liquid Stirred Tank Bioreactors Leader 01-AUG-2009 31-JAN-2012 GERAN DALAM 40,000.00 -
32 Cfd Modeling For Aerocyclones Optimisation Design Scale-Up And Troubleshooting. Leader 15-JUL-2005 14-JUL-2006 FRGS 0.00 -
33 Growth Kinetics And Microbial Dynamics Between Indigenous Microbes For Acetic Acid Production In Pineapple By-Product Substrate Member 01-SEP-2022 31-AUG-2025 FRGS 134,008.00 On-Going
34 Investigation Of Pozzolanic Activity Of Waste Ash Material Member 01-SEP-2022 31-AUG-2024 PADANAN UNIVERSITI 20,000.00 On-Going
35 Elucidation Of The Micro-Mixing And Micro-Separation Controlling Mechanisms In A Membrane-Less Microfluidic Desalination Chip Member 07-SEP-2021 06-SEP-2023 FRGS 97,029.00 On-Going
36 Elucidation Of The Chemical Degradation Mechanism Of Waste Oil Based Grease (Wobg) Member 07-SEP-2021 06-SEP-2023 FRGS 79,069.00 On-Going
37 Interaction Of Antimicrobial/Antioxidant Additives With Semi-Refined Carrageenan Nanocomposite Film For Active Packaging Films To Prolong Food Shelf Life Member 30-DEC-2019 29-MAR-2022 GERAN DALAM 33,479.00 -
38 Kinetic Study And Extraction Mechanism Of Flavanoid From Clitoria Ternatea (Butterfly Pea Flower). Member 15-DEC-2019 14-MAR-2022 GERAN DALAM 33,000.00 -
39 Assessment Of The Wake Flow Mechanism Of Spanwise Expansion Interference By Rough Wall Boundary Turbulence Member 01-SEP-2019 31-MAY-2022 FRGS 107,200.00 -
40 Wind Tunnel Experimental Study On Aerodynamic Interaction Between Rough Wall Boundary Layer With Wake Behind Vortices Generators Member 15-AUG-2019 14-NOV-2021 GERAN DALAM 36,500.00 -
41 Approach To Bioremediation: Isolation And Identification Of Potential Photosynthetic Micro-Algae For Biodegradation Of Plastic Waste In Malaysia. Member 01-MAY-2019 30-JUL-2021 GERAN DALAM 34,500.00 -
42 Sustainable Construction Materials Member 01-APR-2019 28-JUN-2019 ANTARABANGSA 15,811.00 -
43 Formulation Of Reinforced Bioplastic From Polysaccharide Seaweed Member 30-DEC-2018 29-MAR-2021 GERAN DALAM 33,500.00 -
44 Bioactive Macromolecules From Selected Microalgae Strain Amphora Sp. And Pavlova Sp. For Pharmacuetical Applications Member 15-OCT-2018 14-JAN-2022 FLAGSHIP 63,900.00 -
45 Theoretical Investigation Of Three-Dimensional Mass Transfer Enhancement Mechanism In Membrane Systems Through Multi-Layer Spacer Mixing Technique Member 15-JUN-2018 14-SEP-2020 GERAN DALAM 32,000.00 -
46 Microencapsulations Of Mahkota Dewa Plant Extracts Using Spray Drying Technique Member 05-MAY-2018 04-AUG-2020 GERAN DALAM 30,500.00 -
47 Radical Scavenging Kinetics Of The Phenolic Compounds In Malaysia Stingless Bee Honey Member 05-APR-2018 04-JUL-2020 GERAN DALAM 30,000.00 -
48 Structural Behaviour Of Rc Beams With Openings Strengthened With Bfc Plates Member 05-APR-2018 04-APR-2020 GERAN DALAM 36,000.00 -
49 Production And Characterization Of Chitosan Nanofibers Using Electrospining Method Member 05-APR-2018 04-JUL-2020 GERAN DALAM 36,000.00 -
50 Identification Of Bamboo Species In Malaysia For Applications In Concrete Reinforcement Or Bamboo Reinforced Concrete And Other Applications Member 08-JAN-2018 07-JUN-2018 CONTRACT RESEARCH PROJECT 42,717.43 Finished
51 Microfluidics Desalination System Member 01-JAN-2018 01-JAN-2020 GERAN DALAM 34,000.00 -
52 Kacip Fatimah - Based Supplement For Women Wellness As Well Weight Control Member 10-JUL-2017 09-JUL-2018 UMP PRE-COMMERCIALIZATION 57,000.00 -
53 Development And Encapsulation Of Propolis Powder From Raw Propolis Of Stingless Bees Species Member 20-JUN-2017 19-JUN-2019 GERAN DALAM 25,720.00 -
54 Fundamental Study On The Effect Of Physical Properties Of Wheat Flour Dust Towards The Explosibility Characteristics Of Wheat Flour Dust Explosion Member 15-JUN-2017 14-JUN-2019 GERAN DALAM 20,500.00 -
55 Unsteady Flow Strategies To Improve Permeate Flux In Spiral Wound Reverse Osmosis Membrane Systems: A Numerical Study Member 01-MAR-2017 01-MAR-2019 GERAN DALAM 30,000.00 -
56 Finite Element Method Based Algorithm Enhancement And Heat Transfer Through Fins In Automotive And Other Daily Appliances Member 01-MAR-2017 01-MAR-2019 GERAN DALAM 22,000.00 Finished
57 Halal Kacip-Fatimah Based Cocoa Drink Member 15-JAN-2017 14-JAN-2018 LAB2MARKET SEED FUND 19,160.00 -
58 Pilot Scale Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction Of Eurycoma Species, Labisia Species, And Ficus Species For Cosmeceutical And Nutraceutical Application Member 04-OCT-2016 03-OCT-2018 PRGS 150,000.00 -
59 Development Of Mathematical Model And Simulation For Enzymatic Hydrolysis Of Cellulose In A Stirred Tank Member 01-AUG-2016 31-JUL-2019 FRGS 110,300.00 -
60 Concentration Polarisation Minimisation In Reverse Osmosis Membrane Channels Through Electro-Osmotic Mixing Technique Member 25-MAY-2016 24-MAY-2018 GERAN DALAM 25,000.00 Finished
61 Elucidation On The Effect Of External Strengthening Technique By Bamboo Fiber Composite To The Mechanical Properties And Durability Of Rc Beams With Openings In The Shear Zones Member 01-DEC-2015 30-NOV-2017 RAGS 58,150.00 Finished
62 Kinetic Reaction Analysis Of Catalytic Syngas Production From Glycerol Member 01-FEB-2015 31-JAN-2017 RACE 50,000.00 Finished
63 Kinetics And Spectroscopic Analyses Of Syngas Production From Glycerol Steam Reforming Over 15wt%Ni/85wt% Alumina Catalyst Member 01-JUL-2014 30-JUN-2016 FRGS 106,000.00 Finished
64 Fundamental Study Of Fischer-Tropsch Reaction Mechanism Over A Cobalt-Based Catalyst Member 01-JUL-2014 30-JUN-2016 FRGS 85,000.00 Finished
65 Fundamental Investigation Of Methane Dry Reforming Over Lanthanide-Group Promoted Co/Ai2o3 Catalysts Member 01-JUN-2014 31-MAY-2016 GERAN DALAM 39,000.00 Finished
66 Synthesis And Characterization Of Efb-Cliker Supported Nickel Catalyst For Syngas Production From Reactive Fluid Mixture Of Co2-Ch4 Member 01-APR-2014 31-MAR-2016 GERAN DALAM 24,900.00 Finished
67 Computational Fluid Dynamics Technique Using Finite Element Analysis For Tumor Detection Using Ultrasound And Mammogram Patient Images Member 01-APR-2014 31-MAR-2016 GERAN DALAM 20,500.00 Finished
68 Development Of Electrocatalyst For Air Cathode Microbial Fuel Cell For Power Generation And Simultaneous Treatment Of Palm Oil Mill Effluent Member 01-APR-2014 31-MAR-2016 GERAN DALAM 29,950.00 Finished
69 Simulating The Drug Delivery In Human Blood Streams By Investigating The Solid-Liquid Flow Behavior In Micro-Channels: An Experimental Approach Member 01-APR-2014 31-MAR-2016 GERAN DALAM 30,300.00 Finished
70 Waste Water Treatment With Moringo Oleifera Seeds Cake Residue Member 01-MAR-2014 31-MAR-2016 GERAN DALAM 22,700.00 Finished
71 Transfer Of Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction (Uae) Knowledge For The Production Of Value Added Products From Local Herbs Of Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali), Labisia Pumila (Kacip Fatimah) And Ficus Deltoidea (Mas Cotek) For Cosmeceutical And Nutraceutical Applications) Member 15-JUL-2013 14-JUL-2015 KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER PROGRAMME (KTP) 146,393.33 -
72 Synthesis And Characterization Of Heterogeneous Catalyst For The Esterification Of Free Fatty Acid Lin Acidified Oil Member 15-MAY-2013 14-MAY-2015 GERAN DALAM 38,650.00 Finished
73 The Synthesis And Characterization Of Novel Catalyst For Carbon Dioxide Dry Reforming Of Glyeerol For Syngas Production Using Metal Based Catalyst Supported On Oxide Member 01-APR-2013 31-MAR-2015 FRGS 92,300.00 -
74 The Investigation Of Molecular Solution Chemistry Linking To The Thermodynamics Properties Of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Polymorph Member 15-JUL-2012 14-JUL-2015 ERGS 80,000.00 -
75 A Novel Syngas Production Method Via Photoreforming Of Pome Waste Over Tio2- Supported Noble Metal-Doped Photocatalysts Member 15-JUL-2012 14-JUN-2014 ERGS 50,000.00 -
76 An Ultimate Green Route In Harnessing H2 Fuel Employing Sunlight And Water As Reactants Member 01-JUN-2012 31-MAY-2014 GERAN DALAM 39,000.00 -
77 Formulation Mechanism Of Photocalalyst And It'S Kinetic Study For Co2 Reduction Member 01-MAY-2012 30-APR-2014 FRGS 86,180.00 -
78 Carbamazepine Co-Crystals Formulation With Discarboxylic Acid In Pharmaceutical Co-Crystallisation Processes Member 01-MAY-2012 30-APR-2014 FRGS 64,000.00 -
79 Front End Engineering Design (Feed) Of A Gmp Regulated Biopharmaceutical Active Pharmaceutical Of Ingredient Manufacturing Facility Member 15-OCT-2011 14-APR-2014 GERAN DALAM 31,600.00 -
80 Modeling Dynamics Simulation Of Aspergillus Sp.Biotransformation Of Patchoulol By Molecular Mechanical Approach Member 01-FEB-2011 31-JAN-2013 FRGS 97,000.00 -
81 Development Of A New Solid Catalyst From Industrial Waste For Biodiesel Production From Forest Seed Oil In Tubular Reactor Member 01-JAN-2011 31-DEC-2012 GERAN DALAM 74,000.00 -
82 Study The Reaction Mechanism Of The Production Of Novel Biopolymer (Poly (3-Hydroxybutyrate) (Phb) From The Forest Seed Oils Member 15-SEP-2010 13-MAR-2013 FRGS 52,000.00 -
83 Performance And Emission Characteristic Of A Diesel Engine Operating With Biofuel Member 15-MAY-2010 14-MAY-2011 GERAN DALAM 26,000.00 -
84 Process Optimization In Production Of Monoclonal Antibody Against 17-Cah. Member 05-APR-2005 04-APR-2006 FRGS 40,000.00 -
No Project Customer Start Date End Date Project Amount (RM)
1 Development Of Rodenticide (Bromadiolone And Chlophacinone) Analysis And Implementation Atfelda Agricultural Services Sdn Bhd FELDA AGRICULTURAL SERVICES SDN BHD 10-OCT-2017 09-NOV-2017 5,787.60
2 Advanced Cfd Training On Combstion Modelling OPEN TRAINING 01-AUG-2017 02-AUG-2017 6,000.00
No Type Name Registration No File Date
1 Patent A Method For Preserving Polyphenol Compund Extracted From Fresh Plants Materials 2018400005 07-MAR-2018
No Description
1 Kacip Fatimah-Based Supplement For Anti-Depressant In Post-Partum And Post-Menopausal As Well As A Cognitive Enhancer
2 Misai Kucing Extract
3 Misai Kucing-Based Supplement For Anti-Cancer, Diuretic And Anti-Diabetic

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