Profesor Ts. Dr. Kamal Zuhairi Bin Zamli



Kejuruteraan Perisian

University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK


Kejuruteraan Perisian

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai


Kejuruteraan Elektrik

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worchester


Current Progress


T-Way Testing, Software Testing, Object Oriented Analysis And Design

My Main Areas Of Research Involves Developing Strategies For Combinatorial Test Data Generation


No Code Subject
No. Title Role Start Date End date Agency Grant Amount(RM) Status
1 A Multi-Factorial Agent Heroes And Cowards Algorithm Based Strategy For Test Redundancy Reduction Problem Leader 01-OCT-2023 30-SEP-2026 FRGS 106,500.00 On-Going
2 Formulation Of Bi-Objective Elitist Dragonfly Algorithm (Bida) For Constructing Prioritized T-Way Test Cases Leader 01-SEP-2019 31-MAY-2022 FRGS 71,200.00 -
3 An Automatic Researcher Profiling System For Ump Employing Umpir Data Leader 01-SEP-2019 30-NOV-2022 FLAGSHIP UMP 87,800.00 -
4 The Development Of T-Way Test Generation Tool For Combinatorial Testing Leader 27-JUN-2019 26-MAR-2022 MTUN COMMERCIALISATION FUND 49,000.00 -
5 An Artificial Neural Network-Sine Cosine Algorithm (Ann-Sca) Based Hybrid Prediction Model For The Production Of Cellulose Nanocrystals (Cnc) From Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (Opefb) Leader 01-JAN-2019 30-SEP-2022 TRGS 94,429.00 -
6 Optimization Using Artificial Bee Colony Agorithm Leader 20-AUG-2018 19-NOV-2021 PADANAN AGENSI 20,000.00 -
7 A Reinforcement Learning Sine Cosine Based Strategy For Combinatorial Test Suite Generation Leader 15-AUG-2017 14-NOV-2020 FRGS 59,000.00 -
8 Mwicom Kit Leader 23-MAY-2017 23-MAY-2017 GIFT/DONATION/SPONSOR 0.00 Finished
9 Bat-Inspired Interaction Testing Strategy For Software Product Lines Leader 01-OCT-2016 30-SEP-2019 PGRS 3,500.00 -
10 Design And Implementation Of Gray Wolves Algorithm For T-Way Testing Strategy Leader 01-OCT-2016 30-SEP-2019 PGRS 3,500.00 -
11 Hybrid Flower Pollinatioon Algorithm Based T-Way Strategy For Combinatiorial Testing Leader 01-MAY-2016 30-APR-2019 PGRS 4,000.00 -
12 Urbanization And Industrilization : A Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm For Efficient Routing Of The Emergency Flood Evacuation Process Leader 01-APR-2015 31-DEC-2015 FRGS 51,200.00 Finished
13 Constraints T-Way Testing Strategy With Modified Conditioan/Decision Coverage Leader 15-JUN-2014 14-JUL-2016 SCIENCEFUND 120,500.00 -
14 Development Of Ai Based Test Data Generation Strategy Satisfying Mc/D Criterion Leader 25-FEB-2014 24-FEB-2016 PGRS 2,000.00 -
15 The Development Of Variable Strength Interaction Testing Strategy To Support Automatic Generation Of Wsn Nodes In Production Lines Leader 01-JAN-2014 15-JUN-2016 ANTARABANGSA 75,905.21 -
16 A Computational Strategy For Sequence Based T- Way Testing Leader 01-JUN-2013 31-MAY-2016 ERGS 91,800.00 Finished
17 Development Of Test Generation, Execution And Coverage Tools For Postgraduate And Undergraduate Teaching Of Software Testing At Faculty Of Software Systems And Software Engineering, Univerisiti Malaysia Pahang Leader 25-MAY-2013 24-MAY-2015 GERAN DALAM 20,000.00 -
18 Development Of A Pairwise Interaction Testing Strategy With Check-Pointing Recovery Support Leader 15-DEC-2012 14-DEC-2014 GERAN DALAM 15,500.00 Finished
19 Formulation Of New Feature Selection Methods Based On Linear And Nonlinear Unsupervised Discriminant Analysis For Intrusion Detection System Member 23-DEC-2020 22-DEC-2022 AGENSI 20,000.00 -
20 A New Embedded Feature Selection Technique Using Support Vector Machine-Recursive Feature Elimination (Svm-Rfe) With Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency (Tf-Idf) For Unstructured Text Classification Member 01-SEP-2019 31-MAY-2022 FRGS 67,200.00 -
21 A Trust Management Model For Cyber Physical Production System Using Deep Learning Technique Member 01-SEP-2019 31-MAY-2022 FRGS 60,700.00 -
22 Formulation Of An Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization For A Video Tracking System Member 01-SEP-2019 31-AUG-2021 FRGS 55,800.00 -
23 Formulation Of The New Intelligence Model To Find New Features Using Metaheuristic Approach To Detect Evolve Mobile Device Malware Towards Cyber Security Area In The Industrial Revolution (Ir4.0) Member 01-SEP-2019 31-MAY-2022 FRGS-RACER 48,200.00 -
24 A New Formulation Of Android Malware Intrusion Detection System Model Towards Cyber Security Member 01-SEP-2019 31-MAY-2022 FRGS-RACER 48,200.00 -
25 Prioritized T-Way Test Suite Generation Strategy Based On Chaotic Flower Pollination Algorithm Member 15-AUG-2019 14-NOV-2021 GERAN DALAM 35,800.00 -
26 Iot Based Intelligent Combinatorial Test Cases Generator System Based On Kidney Inspired Algorithm With Opposition Approach Member 01-AUG-2019 30-APR-2022 PRGS 56,240.00 -
27 A Novel Hybrid Harmony Search Algorithm With Nomadic People Optimizer Algorithm For Global Optimization And Feature Selection Member 01-MAY-2019 30-JUL-2021 GERAN DALAM 30,250.00 -
28 A Novel Hybrid Kidney-Inspired Algorithm For Global Optimization Member 01-JAN-2019 30-SEP-2021 FRGS 65,180.00 -
29 A New Model For Automated Stakeholder Quantification And Prioritization Based On User Needs For Software Systems Development Member 01-JAN-2019 30-SEP-2021 FRGS 62,200.00 -
30 A Novel Software Defined Multidimentionally Optimized Routing Framework And Algorithm Towards Next Generation Wireless Communications Member 01-JAN-2019 30-SEP-2021 FRGS 60,400.00 -
31 A Green Campus Paradigms Model Based On Analytic Hierarchy Process And Knowledge Mapping Towards Sustainable Development In Institutions Of Higher Learning Member 01-JAN-2019 30-SEP-2021 FRGS 66,700.00 -
32 A New Formulation Of Deep Learning Models For Fast And Accurate Early-Stage Alzheimer'S Detection System Member 01-JAN-2019 30-SEP-2021 FRGS 61,500.00 -
33 A New Multi Objective Adaptive Bats Sonar Algorithm For Finding Pareto Optimum Solutions With Fast Computation Time Member 01-JAN-2019 30-SEP-2021 FRGS 62,700.00 -
34 Bipartite Fuzzy Granular Model For An Intelligent System: New Concepts Of Pseudo-Dynamic Constraint And Context Mapping Member 01-JAN-2019 30-SEP-2022 FRGS 59,700.00 -
35 Research And Product Testing For The Internet Of Thing (Iot) Enable Relay Network For Demand Based Light Intensity Controlled Highway Lighting System Member 01-DEC-2018 30-NOV-2019 ANTARABANGSA 5,000.00 -
36 A Machine Learning Based Keyphrase Extraction Technique From Academic Literature For Implementing Material 4.0 @ Asean Member 15-OCT-2018 14-JAN-2022 FLAGSHIP UMP 24,000.00 -
37 An Enhanced Architecture Of Deep Convolutional Neural Network (Dcnn) To Detect Bleeding Areas From Wce Images. Member 05-SEP-2018 04-DEC-2020 GERAN DALAM 21,000.00 -
38 Alarming Assistive Technology: Vital Sign Monitoring In Stroke Rehabilitation Member 15-JUN-2018 14-SEP-2020 GERAN DALAM 27,000.00 -
39 Efti: An Enhancement Of Fuzzy Term Identification Member 15-APR-2018 14-JUL-2020 GERAN DALAM 24,200.00 -
40 New Pre-Processing And Feature Reduction Steps To Enhance The Deep Learning Algorithms Performance For Early-Stage AlzheimerS Disease Detection Member 15-APR-2018 14-JUL-2020 GERAN DALAM 35,700.00 -
41 Enhance Kidney Algorithm For Iot Combinatorial Testing Problem Member 15-APR-2018 14-JUL-2020 GERAN DALAM 28,080.00 -
42 Palm Oil Supply Chain Traceability: Exploiting Tv White Space Member 05-APR-2018 04-JUL-2020 GERAN DALAM 24,300.00 -
43 An Automated Model Of Process For Developing And Testing A Dependable Component-Based Software Member 15-AUG-2017 14-AUG-2019 FRGS 59,300.00 -
44 Protecting Confidential Clinical Information Using Steganography Technique Member 15-MAY-2017 14-MAY-2019 GERAN DALAM 21,500.00 -
45 Sumbangan Untuk Pembangunan Anti-Bribery Management System Index (Abms Index) : The Case Of Study Of Yayasan Pahang Member 16-NOV-2016 16-NOV-2017 AGENSI 25,000.00 -
46 A New Global Optimization Algorithm Based On Stochastic Approach To Minimize Software Testing Redundancy Member 01-AUG-2016 31-JUL-2018 FRGS 63,700.00 -
47 New Hyperbox Selection Rule And Pruning Strategy Methods To Enhance The Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network For Pattern Classification Member 01-AUG-2016 31-JUL-2018 FRGS 62,400.00 -
48 Proactive Digital Forensic Model For Identifying Sources Of Cybercrimes In High Critical Networks Member 01-AUG-2016 31-JUL-2018 FRGS 64,115.00 -
49 An Artificial Intelligence Based Offstage Reference Pathway Finding Model To Enhance Recommender Systems For Academic Literature Member 01-AUG-2016 31-JUL-2018 FRGS 65,200.00 -
50 An Efficient Flood Forecasting Approach Based On Whale Optimization Algorithm Member 20-JUL-2016 19-JUL-2018 GERAN DALAM 25,431.00 -
51 Modified Greedy Algorithm Strategy For Combinatorial Testing Problem With Constraints Supports Member 29-JUN-2016 28-JUN-2018 GERAN DALAM 24,300.00 Finished
52 Exploiting The Cross-Layer Paradigm For Routing In Mobile Cognitive Radio Networks Member 25-MAY-2016 24-MAY-2017 GERAN DALAM 22,200.00 Finished
53 Fuzzy Min-Max (Fmm) Neural Network Based On New Pruning Strategy Method For Pattern Classification Member 25-MAY-2016 24-MAY-2018 GERAN DALAM 25,400.00 Finished
54 An Enhanced Simulation Model For Complex Human Pedestrian Movement System Using Hybrid Discrete Event And Agent Based Simulation Member 02-NOV-2015 01-NOV-2017 FRGS 80,200.00 -
55 A New Secure Hybrid Svd-Based Image Watermarking Scheme For Copyright Protection Member 01-OCT-2015 30-SEP-2017 GERAN DALAM 20,000.00 Finished
56 A New Method To Reduce The Fuzzy Min-Max (Fmm) Neural Network Complexity Member 01-OCT-2015 30-SEP-2017 GERAN DALAM 25,000.00 Finished
57 A New Hybrid Variable Interaction Strength Test Data Generation Strategy Based On Harmony Search Algorithm And Cuckoo Search Algorithm Member 01-OCT-2015 30-SEP-2017 GERAN DALAM 20,000.00 Finished
58 Development Of A Software Tool For Teaching Parallel Computations Member 01-APR-2015 31-DEC-2015 GERAN DALAM 13,700.00 Finished
59 Design And Prototyping Software Tools For Domain-Specific Mathematical Modelling Member 25-SEP-2014 24-MAY-2015 GERAN DALAM 17,000.00 Finished
60 Malaysia Sign Language (Mysl) Member 01-JAN-2014 31-DEC-2014 UMP PRE-COMMERCIALIZATION 25,000.00 -
61 Sequence Diagram Synthesis Theory For Stitching Together Multiple Sequence Diagrams Through Formal Semantics Modelling Member 01-DEC-2013 30-NOV-2016 FRGS 86,400.00 -
62 Malaysian Translator For Kod Tangan Bahasa Melayu (Mykod Member 01-DEC-2013 30-DEC-2015 GERAN DALAM 13,500.00 Finished
63 Development Of A Pairwise Testing Tool With Constraints And Seeding Support Based On An Optimization Algorithm Member 25-SEP-2013 24-MAR-2016 GERAN DALAM 16,500.00 Finished
64 Investigation A Genetic Algorithm Based Startegy For Sequence Covering Array Construction Member 01-JUN-2013 31-MAY-2016 ERGS 54,900.00 -
No Project Customer Start Date End Date Project Amount (RM)
No Type Name Registration No File Date
1 Copyright The Development Of Barnacle Mating Optimization T-Way Test Generation Tool For Combinatorial Testing
2 Copyright Boceds: A Buffer-Based Online Clustering For Evolving Data Stream LY2019002368 30-APR-2019
3 Copyright Mbo-Ga Hybrid Based Strategy For T-Way Test Data Generation LY2017001272 03-FEB-2016
4 Copyright Hybrid Gna-Sa Strategies For Test Redundancy Reduc LY2017001256 03-FEB-2016
5 Copyright Hhh: A Tabu Search Hyper-Heuristic Strategy For T-Way Test Suite Generation COPYRIGHT 08-SEP-2015
6 Copyright A Chaotic Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm For Optimizing Emergency Flood Evacuation Routing COPYRIGHT 08-SEP-2015
7 Copyright Bts: A Constraint Variable Strength T-Way Suite Generation Strategy Based On The Bat Algorithm COPYRIGHT 08-SEP-2015
8 Copyright An Automated Tool For Mcdc Complaint Test Suite Based On Simulated Annealing Great Delug,Hill Climbing And Late Acceptance COPYRIGHT 23-JAN-2015
9 Copyright A T-Way Test Generation Strategy On The Hamming Distance Particle Swarm Optimization COPYRIGHT 23-JAN-2015
10 Copyright Efficient Greedy Heuristics For Test Case Redundancy Reduction COPYRIGHT 19-MAR-2014
11 Copyright Treduct-Redundandt Test Cases Reduction Based On Random Permutation And Artificial Intelligence Based Algorithm COPYRIGHT 06-FEB-2013
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