Ts. Dr. Muhammad Aizzat Bin Zakaria



Doctor Of Philosophy (Autonomous Vehicle Engineering)(2015)

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)

Bachelor Of Engineering (Electrical-Mechatronics) With First Class Honor(2010)

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Skudai)


Ts. Dr. Muhammad Aizzat Zakaria is borned in Jitra, Kedah. He currently serves as a Head of Programme Mechatronics Engineering at the Faculty of Manufacturing and Mechatronic Engineering Technology, Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) located in Pekan, Pahang. He is a research member of the Intelligent Robotics and Vehicle (IROV), IMAMS laboratory and Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory. He earned his first degree in Electrical-Mechatronic Engineering at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in 2010 which was fully sponsored by Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) during his study. He was nominated for Vice-Chancellor Award and Dean’s List Awards during his first degree due to his outstanding achievement. After finished his first degree, he pursued a career as a process R&D Engineer and Technical Project Manager at Intel Corporation under Assembly Test Capital Equipment Development (ATCED) department in Kulim, Kedah. After that, he pursued a Doctoral’s degree in Mechatronic Engineering specialised in Autonomous Vehicle development at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, to which he graduated in 2015 and then continue to serve UMP as a senior lecturer until now. He has published many research articles related to autonomous vehicle development in Malaysia, co-editor for technical books, and reviewers for the prestigious international journal; particularly in autonomous vehicle development. He is keen and competent in robotic programming such as Robotic Operating System (ROS) development, C, C++, Python, MATLAB. His research interests include intelligent vehicle navigation, vehicle stability control, robotics system modelling, and mechatronics system. 

Current Progress


Robotic System Modelling

Robotics And Mechatronics



Applied Science And Technology


Autonomous System

Robotics And Mechatronics


No Code Subject
No. Title Role Start Date End date Agency Grant Amount(RM) Status
1 Formulating A New Optimal Bezier Curve Fitting Control Points Motion With Efficient Constraint Calculation In Providing Smoothness Path Planning In A Roundabout Environment For Autonomous Vehicle Navigation Leader 07-SEP-2021 06-SEP-2023 FRGS 61,000.00 On-Going
2 Drebar : An Automation Embedded System Module Leader 01-JUN-2021 31-MAY-2023 PEMBANGUNAN PRODUK 30,000.00 On-Going
3 Torque Analysis Of Platform Based End Effector Ankle Foot Orthosis For Rehabilitation Leader 10-DEC-2020 09-DEC-2022 PGRS 2,500.00 On-Going
4 Steering Angle Estimation For Non-Holonomic System With Machine Learning Leader 10-DEC-2020 09-DEC-2022 PGRS 2,850.00 On-Going
5 Mathematical Modelling Of The Combined Model Of Two-In-Wheel Non-Holonomic For Intelligent Vehicle Control. Leader 26-DEC-2019 25-MAR-2022 GERAN DALAM 26,000.00 -
6 Predictive Stability Model Of The Autonomous Vehicle Based On Road Profile Characteritics Leader 15-MAR-2019 14-MAR-2021 PGRS 3,500.00 -
7 Investigation Of The Trajectory Tracking Error Of The Autonomous Non-Holonomic Nonlinear Uncertain Dynamics With The Effect Of The Weight Transfer Disturbance Leader 01-JAN-2019 30-SEP-2021 FRGS 84,800.00 -
8 Autonomous Tomato Harvesting Robotic System In Greenhouse Using Kuka Robot Leader 12-SEP-2018 12-SEP-2018 GIFT/DONATION/SPONSOR 0.00 Finished
9 Autonomous Vehicle Stability Analysis At Critical Cornering Leader 25-AUG-2018 24-NOV-2020 GERAN DALAM 29,000.00 -
10 Development Of A Task-Oriented, Auction-Based Task Allocation Framework For A Heterogeneous Multirobot System Leader 25-AUG-2018 24-NOV-2020 GERAN DALAM 31,500.00 -
11 Pen Batches Localization Using Rfid Tag Leader 01-APR-2018 30-JUN-2020 INDUSTRI 20,000.00 -
12 Active Stability Control Model Of Lateral Vehicle Dynamics To Improve Vehicle Comfort Level Leader 01-MAY-2017 01-MAY-2019 GERAN DALAM 22,000.00 -
13 The Development Of Intelligent Drive System For Trajectory Tracking Applications Leader 25-MAY-2016 24-MAY-2018 GERAN DALAM 23,300.00 -
14 Development Of Camkenderaan Device For Forensics Data Preservation Member 08-AUG-2022 07-AUG-2024 PADANAN AGENSI 30,000.00 On-Going
15 Projek Khas Robotik Member 07-JAN-2022 06-APR-2022 SPECIAL PROJECT GRANT 40,000.00 -
16 Development Of Autonomous Mobile Robot For Optimum Hvac Duct Cleaning Uic210810 Member 03-MAY-2021 02-MAY-2022 PADANAN INDUSTRI 10,000.00 On-Going
17 Development Of Autonomous Mobile Robot For Optimum Hvac Duct Cleaning Rdu212402 Member 03-MAY-2021 02-MAY-2022 INDUSTRI 10,000.00 On-Going
18 Development Of A Vehicle Health Monitoring System Based On The Vehicle Vulnerable Points Member 01-SEP-2019 30-NOV-2022 FLAGSHIP UMP 78,200.00 On-Going
19 Development Of Cyber-Physical Systems (Cps) By Adopting Internet Of Things (Iot) At Ump And Hska Member 01-MAY-2019 30-JUL-2022 PADANAN ANTARABANGSA 49,500.00 On-Going
20 Development Of Cyber-Physical Systems (Cps) By Adopting Internet Of Things (Iot) At Ump And Hska Member 01-MAY-2019 30-JUL-2022 ANTARABANGSA 178,080.00 On-Going
21 Investigation On The Ride Comfort Of The Electric Powered Wheelchair While Avoiding Obstacle Member 01-APR-2019 30-JUN-2021 GERAN DALAM 29,000.00 -
22 A Predictive Human Comfort Model Based On Road Profile Characteristics Member 01-APR-2019 30-JUN-2021 GERAN DALAM 28,000.00 -
23 Development Of Smart Campus Autonomous Vehicle (Scav) Member 27-FEB-2019 26-NOV-2020 FLAGSHIP UMP 156,000.00 -
24 Mathematical Analysis Of Wheel-Soft Soil Interaction For Lightweight Vehicle Wheel With Variable Grouser Angle Mechanism Member 01-JAN-2019 30-SEP-2021 FRGS 74,500.00 -
25 Badminton Agility Training Device Member 31-DEC-2018 30-DEC-2019 UMP-COMMUNITY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PLATFORM 20,000.00 -
26 Embedded System For Hvac In And Output Peripheral Member 01-OCT-2018 30-JUN-2021 PADANAN INDUSTRI 20,000.00 -
27 Intelligent Control Strategy Acquisition Technique In Autonomous Vehicle System For Mitigation Of Multiple Vehicle Collision Member 25-SEP-2018 24-DEC-2020 GERAN DALAM 20,500.00 -
28 Development Of Multi-Vision Guided Obstacle Avoidance System For Ground Vehicle Member 25-AUG-2018 24-NOV-2020 GERAN DALAM 36,000.00 -
29 A Vision-Based Lane Detection And Tracking Algorithm For Intelligent Drive System Member 25-APR-2018 24-JUL-2020 GERAN DALAM 26,000.00 -
30 Design Strategy Of Stuck Recovery For Wheel Embedded Under The Surface Of An Unconsolidated Soft Sand Incline Member 25-APR-2018 24-JUL-2020 GERAN DALAM 23,000.00 -
31 The Design And Control Of A Grasping Exoskeleton For Stroke Motor Function Recovery Member 01-APR-2018 23-SEP-2019 GERAN DALAM 29,000.00 -
32 Development Of Gravitational Mechanism For Sustainable Electricity Generation Member 01-APR-2018 30-JUN-2020 GERAN DALAM 32,000.00 -
33 Simulation Of Assistive Grouser Mechanism For Use On Lightweight Wheeled Robot For Traversing On Unconsolidated Soft Sand Inclines Member 30-JUN-2017 29-JUN-2019 GERAN DALAM 20,000.00 -
34 Improving The Maneuverability Of Electric Vehicle With Four In-Wheel Motors And Mecanum Wheels Member 30-JUN-2017 29-JUN-2019 GERAN DALAM 22,000.00 -
35 Development Of Capsule Bike As In-Campus Electric Vehicle Member 28-JUN-2017 27-SEP-2020 FLAGSHIP UMP 148,600.00 -
36 Control Scheme For Vehicle Steering By Wire (Vsbw) System Member 20-JUN-2017 19-JUN-2019 GERAN DALAM 21,000.00 -
37 Vehicle Locator System For Multi-Storage Car Park Management Member 20-JUN-2017 19-JUN-2019 GERAN DALAM 20,000.00 -
38 Develop Effective Decision Making For Remanufacturing Automotive Components Member 15-MAY-2017 14-MAY-2019 GERAN DALAM 21,000.00 -
39 Design Of Protective Headgear For Soccer Players Through Experimental And Computational Analysis Member 25-JUN-2016 24-JUN-2018 GERAN DALAM 23,300.00 Finished
40 An Intelligent Robust Control Of Wheeled Mobile Robot In Restricted Environment Using Active Force Control And Resolved Acceleration Control Member 25-JUN-2016 24-JUN-2018 GERAN DALAM 28,300.00 Finished
41 The Development Of An Intelligent Hybrid Active Force Controller For Upper-Limb Exoskeleton Member 15-JUN-2016 14-JUN-2018 GERAN DALAM 24,900.00 Finished
No Project Customer Start Date End Date Project Amount (RM)
1 Autonomous Driving Vehicles Enabled By Technology Advances (Smart Autonomous - Advance) RGM Network 18-OCT-2021 31-DEC-2021 51,140.00
2 Automous Vehicle Sensing System RGM Network 20-SEP-2021 31-DEC-2021 51,140.00
3 Smart Autonomous In Vehicle Technology RGM Network 28-SEP-2020 06-NOV-2020 150,000.00
No Type Name Registration No File Date
1 Patent Low Cost Indoor Mapping System
No Description

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