Dr. Mohd Hasnun Arif Bin Hassan



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Doctor Of Philosophy(2016)

Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Master Of Engineering In Mechanical Engineering(2012)

Universiti Malaya

Technische Hosshschule Bingen


Hasnun Arif earned his first degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technische Hoschschule Bingen, Germany in 2010. During the final year of his undergraduate study, he was offered a scholarship by Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) to pursue a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, which he graduated with distinction in 2012. After that, he embarked on his PhD journey at UMP where he studied about the head injury sustained by soccer players due to heading maneouvre. He completed his PhD study in 2016, then continue to serve UMP as a senior lecturer.

His research interests include finite element modelling of the interaction between human and sports equipment, instrumentation of sports equipment, and injury prevention particularly with regards to sports and traffic accidents. His work aims to apply engineering principles in sports not only to enhance the performance of an athlete, but also to prevent injuries.

Besides research work, Hasnun also involves in managing journals, namely the Movement, Health and Exercise (MoHE Journal) under the Ministry of Education of Malaysia, where he now serves as a Section Editor. He is also the Founding Editor-in-Chief of Mekatronika, a UMP mechatronics journal, and also currently serves as one of the coordinators of Open Journal System (OJS) in UMP. He considers himself a computer geek who enjoys graphic design and website development. Hasnun also loves music and plays guitar and/or drum for a band at the faculty, known as Suave.

Current Progress


Finite Element Analysis Of Head Impact

Finite Element Analysis


Finite Element Analysis Of Sports Equipment

Finite Element Analysis


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No. Title Role Start Date End date Agency Grant Amount(RM) Status
1 Social Experiment On Drivers' Demographics And Their Driving Decisions Leader 01-SEP-2020 31-AUG-2021 ANTARABANGSA 27,500.00 On-Going
2 The Application Of Artificial Intelligence In Predicting Malaysia Road Fatalities Until 2030 Leader 15-OCT-2019 14-OCT-2022 PGRS 4,150.00 On-Going
3 Prediction Of Road Traffic Accidents Using Machine Learning Leader 01-APR-2019 31-MAR-2020 ANTARABANGSA 26,000.00 -
4 Field Of View Measurement Of Side Blind Spot Mirror Leader 01-APR-2019 31-MAR-2020 ANTARABANGSA 10,000.00 -
5 Badminton Agility Training Device Leader 31-DEC-2018 30-DEC-2019 UMP-COMMUNITY TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PLATFORM 20,000.00 -
6 Experimental And Computational Analysis Of Motorcycle Helmet Leader 30-DEC-2018 29-MAR-2021 GERAN DALAM 26,000.00 -
7 Design Of Protective Headgear For Soccer Players Through Experimental And Computational Analysis Leader 25-JUN-2016 24-JUN-2018 GERAN DALAM 23,300.00 Finished
8 Experimental And Computational Analysis Of Head Impacts In Sports Leader 15-JUN-2016 14-JUN-2017 SEED MONEY 5,500.00 -
9 Protective Bandana (Prob) For Sepak Takraw Players Member 23-DEC-2020 22-NOV-2022 PEMBANGUNAN PRODUK 33,000.00 On-Going
10 Formulation Of Machine Learning Model To Classify Kinematics Data Of Human Daily Activities Member 20-OCT-2020 19-OCT-2022 GERAN DALAM 25,200.00 On-Going
11 Inventive Road Safety Performance Indicator: A New League Member 01-OCT-2020 30-SEP-2021 ANTARABANGSA 14,000.00 On-Going
12 Test Setup Dummy Positioning / Overall Setup Reflecting Asean Driving Behaviour Member 01-AUG-2020 01-AUG-2021 ANTARABANGSA 15,100.00 On-Going
13 Surface Modification Of Zno Coated Ag Nanoparticles For Multifunctional Fabric Member 25-JUN-2019 24-SEP-2021 GERAN DALAM 33,500.00 On-Going
14 A Predictive Human Comfort Model Based On Road Profile Characteristics Member 01-APR-2019 30-JUN-2021 GERAN DALAM 28,000.00 On-Going
15 Experimental Study Of Drag Reduction Effect By Microbubbles Via Particle Image Velocimetry Member 25-AUG-2018 24-NOV-2020 GERAN DALAM 28,450.00 -
16 The Design And Control Of A Grasping Exoskeleton For Stroke Motor Function Recovery Member 01-APR-2018 23-SEP-2019 GERAN DALAM 29,000.00 -
17 Pen Batches Localization Using Rfid Tag Member 01-APR-2018 30-JUN-2020 INDUSTRI 20,000.00 -
18 Simulation Of Assistive Grouser Mechanism For Use On Lightweight Wheeled Robot For Traversing On Unconsolidated Soft Sand Inclines Member 30-JUN-2017 29-JUN-2019 GERAN DALAM 20,000.00 -
19 Synthesis Of Silver Nanowires Hybrid Thin Film For Advanced Automotive Application Member 20-JUN-2017 19-JUN-2019 GERAN DALAM 26,000.00 -
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