Profesor Ir. Dr Wan Azhar Bin Wan Yusoff



Advanced Manufacturing Technology(2004)

Universiti Sains Malaysia

Master Of Science In Mechanical Engineeering(1992)

Rennssealaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy

Bachelor Of Science In Mechanical Engineering(1989)

University Of Michigan Ann Arbor, Usa


Prof Dr Ir Wan Azhar Wan Yusoff is a professor at the Faculty of Manufacturing Engineering. His research interests are modelling and control of dynamic systems and computer-controlled of manufacturing machines. He strives to integrate mechanical devices, manufacturing processes, sensors and computing algorithm into advanced manufacturing machines. His current works are (1) to improve the efficiency of travelling wave ultrasonic motors and (2) to build a customized controller for a the tailor-welded CNC machine.

Current Progress


Computer-Controlled Manufacturing Machine

Engineering Science And Technology


No Code Subject
No. Title Role Start Date End date Agency Grant Amount(RM) Status
1 Tailor Welded Blanks (Twb) Equipment Development (Tf0713d278) Leader 01-JUL-2017 30-JUN-2019 TECHNOFUND 1,895,000.00 -
2 Pid Parameter Optimization For Cnc Adaptive Servo Control System Utilizing Particle Swarm Optimization - Design Of Experiment (Pso-Doe) Algorithm Leader 01-MAY-2016 30-APR-2019 PGRS 4,000.00 -
3 Particle Swarm Optimization (Pso) For Curve Interpolation Problem In Computer Aided Design (Cad) Modeling Interface Leader 15-JUN-2013 14-DEC-2015 GERAN DALAM 13,800.00 -
4 Industrial Testing Of A 3-Axis Cnc Machines Using The Predefined Closest-Distance Volume Interpolator For Tailor Welded Blanks (Twbs) Application Leader 01-AUG-2012 31-JUL-2014 PRGS 200,000.00 -
5 Development Of Suspension System For Passenger Car-Absorber Module Leader 21-FEB-2011 20-AUG-2011 CONTRACT RESEARCH PROJECT 0.00 -
6 Pcnc Machine Controller Leader 01-DEC-2010 30-NOV-2011 UMP PRE-COMMERCIALIZATION 50,000.00 -
7 Development Of Novel Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Motor For Cnc Drive System Leader 01-OCT-2009 30-SEP-2011 SCIENCEFUND 119,000.00 -
8 Pc-Nc Controller For Advanced Manufacturing Machines Leader 01-JUL-2009 30-JUN-2011 SCIENCEFUND 127,600.00 -
9 Tool Path Generation For Complex Machining Leader 03-JAN-2009 28-FEB-2012 PGRS 0.00 -
10 The Machinilibility Studies On High Speed Machining (Milling) Leader 03-JAN-2009 28-FEB-2012 PGRS 13,000.00 -
11 Model Of Ultrasonic Peizoelectric Motor Leader 12-JAN-2008 30-NOV-2011 PGRS 0.00 -
12 Machine Vision For Part Inspection Leader 08-JAN-2008 31-JAN-2010 PGRS 0.00 -
13 Java-Based Pc-Nc Control Panel System Leader 01-JAN-2008 31-DEC-2009 PGRS 0.00 -
14 Experimental Verification Of The Realtime Parametic General Curve Interpolator Based Upon Predefined-Closest-Distance Volume Leader 02-AUG-2007 07-AUG-2008 FRGS 50,000.00 -
15 Modeling, Analysis, Control, Simlation And Optimizing The Cnc Feed Drive System Leader 08-JAN-2007 31-JUL-2009 PGRS 0.00 -
16 Development Of A Small Scale 5-Axis Cnc Machine Leader 04-JAN-2007 30-JUN-2008 PGRS 0.00 -
17 Open- Architecture Pc- Based Cnc Controller. Leader 18-FEB-2005 17-FEB-2006 FRGS 45,000.00 -
18 Formulation Of Flexible Hybrid-Fuzzy Technique For Reliability And Sustainability Assessment Model To Support Decision Making In Early Phase Of Product Design Member 01-SEP-2019 31-MAY-2022 FRGS 72,300.00 On-Going
19 Effect Of Severe-Stress Peening On Fatigue Life Performance Of Sae9254 Based Automotive Coil Spring Member 01-SEP-2019 31-MAY-2022 FRGS-RACER 69,800.00 On-Going
20 3d Printer With Embedded School/College Syllabus Module Member 05-DEC-2018 04-MAR-2021 UMP PRE-COMMERCIALIZATION 80,000.00 On-Going
21 Development Of A Task-Oriented, Auction-Based Task Allocation Framework For A Heterogeneous Multirobot System Member 25-AUG-2018 24-NOV-2020 GERAN DALAM 31,500.00 -
22 Fuzzy Logic Based Direct Torque Algorithm Of Induction Motor Member 30-APR-2018 29-JUL-2020 GERAN DALAM 20,000.00 -
23 Systematic Sustainability Assessment (Ssa) Tool For Hydroelectric Project Member 01-APR-2018 30-JUN-2020 GERAN DALAM 24,500.00 -
24 Development Of Gravitational Mechanism For Sustainable Electricity Generation Member 01-APR-2018 30-JUN-2020 GERAN DALAM 32,000.00 -
25 Modelling Of Inter-Cell Radio Interference And Thermal Noise Floor In 5g Mobile Networks Using Artificial Intelligence Member 15-AUG-2017 14-AUG-2019 FRGS 50,000.00 -
26 Prototype Development Of Optimum Irregular Milling Tools For Chatter Supression In Machining Automotive Product Member 15-AUG-2017 14-AUG-2019 PRGS 73,300.00 -
27 Industrial Testing Of A 3-Axis Cnc Tailor Welded Blank Laser Welding Machine Using Predefined Closest-Distance Volume Interpolator Member 01-JUL-2017 30-JUN-2018 LAB2MARKET SEED FUND 150,000.00 -
28 Development Of Connector Bar In Car Member 30-JUN-2017 29-JUN-2019 GERAN DALAM 20,000.00 -
29 Development Of Capsule Bike As In-Campus Electric Vehicle Member 28-JUN-2017 27-SEP-2020 FLAGSHIP UMP 148,600.00 -
30 Dual Image Fusion Technique For Enhancement Of Underwater Image Contrast Member 15-MAY-2017 14-MAY-2019 GERAN DALAM 22,200.00 -
31 Active Stability Control Model Of Lateral Vehicle Dynamics To Improve Vehicle Comfort Level Member 01-MAY-2017 01-MAY-2019 GERAN DALAM 22,000.00 -
32 An Artificial Image Processing Based Decision Making Approach For Costtime Effective Grading And Sorting Of Rotationally Symmetric Products Member 01-AUG-2016 31-JUL-2018 FRGS 102,500.00 -
33 InvestigationOfMicro-AbrasionBehaviourOfNano-CeramicInMagneto-RheologicalPolishingFluid. Member 01-AUG-2016 31-JUL-2019 FRGS 111,708.00 -
34 CharacterizationOfThermalConductivityAndViscosityOfAluminaNanocoolantWithEthylene-GlycerolBasedFluidForQuenchingProcess Member 01-AUG-2016 31-JUL-2019 FRGS 82,400.00 -
35 An Intelligent Robust Control Of Wheeled Mobile Robot In Restricted Environment Using Active Force Control And Resolved Acceleration Control Member 25-JUN-2016 24-JUN-2018 GERAN DALAM 28,300.00 Finished
36 Development Of 3d Printing Machine Controller Using The Predefined Closest-Distance Volume Interpolator System Member 25-JUN-2016 24-JUN-2018 GERAN DALAM 29,050.00 -
37 Development Of Semi-Active Car Absorber System Member 05-APR-2016 04-APR-2018 GERAN DALAM 25,000.00 -
38 Development Of Force And Temperature Controlled Friction Stir Welding Machine (Fsw) For Dissimilar Metal Joining Application Member 01-DEC-2015 30-NOV-2017 PRGS 235,000.00 -
39 Technology Transfer For The Mass Manufacturing Of Plastic Optical Fiber (Pof) Coupler Member 01-DEC-2015 30-NOV-2017 KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER PROGRAMME (KTP) 170,393.91 -
40 High Temperature Creep Studies Of Recycled Aluminium Alloys For Automotive Engine Block Applications Member 01-OCT-2015 30-SEP-2017 GERAN DALAM 37,600.00 Finished
41 Development Of Autonomous Vehicle For Road Marks Painting Member 25-JUN-2015 24-JUN-2017 GERAN DALAM 28,800.00 Finished
42 Dissimilar Metal Joining Of Aluminum And Magnesium Based Alloy By Gas Metal Arc Spot Welding Technique Member 01-JUL-2014 30-JUN-2017 FRGS 135,000.00 Finished
43 Characterizing Of Electrical And Thermal Characteristic Of Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Motor For A Better Speed And Torque Performance Member 01-DEC-2013 30-NOV-2016 FRGS 90,000.00 -
44 An Optimizated Integration Of Solar And Wind Energy Sources Using Smart Micro Grid Member 25-NOV-2013 24-DEC-2015 GERAN DALAM 28,000.00 -
45 Particle Swarm Optimization (Pso) For Curve Interpolation Problem In Computer Aided Design (Cad) Modeling Interface Member 15-JUN-2013 14-DEC-2015 GERAN DALAM 13,800.00 -
46 Development Of High Performance Thermal Building Nano Insulation Materials (Nims) Using Polyurethane-Based Nanocomposites Member 15-DEC-2012 14-JUN-2015 GERAN DALAM 38,470.00 -
47 Parametric Study Of Coupled Vibration Based Energy Harvesting Systems For Wireless Ssensor Networks In Automotive Kinetics Tests Member 15-DEC-2012 14-DEC-2014 RAGS 55,000.00 -
48 Process Optimization For Intelligent Manufacturing And Product Development & Innovation Member 01-JUN-2012 30-JUN-2014 PUSAT KECEMERLANGAN MTUN (COE MTUN) 61,200.00 -
49 Potential Of Integrated Chatter Avoidance And Minimum Quantity Lubrication Condition In Machining Process Member 01-MAY-2012 30-APR-2014 FRGS 56,000.00 -
50 Pcnc Plasma Cutter Machine Member 20-MAR-2012 19-MAR-2013 CONTRACT RESEARCH PROJECT 30,000.00 -
51 New Technique Of Drilling/Cutting Of Polymer Composite For Automotive Part By Low Power Laser Member 01-AUG-2011 31-MAR-2013 GERAN DALAM 38,000.00 Finished
52 An Infrastructure Free Automated Visually Guided Vehicle Member 15-NOV-2010 14-FEB-2013 GERAN DALAM 37,000.00 Finished
53 Design And Develop A Soft Starting And High Efficiency Induction Motor Drive Using Mers Assisted Pwm Controller For Robotic Applications Member 01-SEP-2010 31-AUG-2012 GERAN DALAM 27,600.00 -
54 Development Of Image Rotary Encoder For High Precision Motion Control Member 01-FEB-2010 31-JAN-2012 SCIENCEFUND 131,500.00 -
55 Development Of Image Rotary Encoder For High Precision Motion Control Member 01-OCT-2009 30-SEP-2010 GERAN DALAM 25,000.00 -
56 Design And Development Of A New Passive Shock Absorber System Member 01-AUG-2009 31-OCT-2012 GERAN DALAM 30,000.00 -
57 Development Of Desktop Injection Molding Machine Member 01-MAY-2009 28-FEB-2011 GERAN DALAM 39,100.00 -
58 Design Of Casting Process Control System For Automatic Flat Sheet Membrane Casting Machine. Member 01-NOV-2005 31-OCT-2006 FRGS 35,000.00 -
59 Design Of Convective Control System For Automatic Flat Sheet Membrane Casting Machine. Member 01-NOV-2005 31-OCT-2006 FRGS 35,000.00 -
No Type Author Role Document Title Authors Year Source
1 Proceedings Paper CO-AUTHOR Optimization of the PID-PD parameters of the overhead crane control system by using PSO algorithm Azmi, NIM; Yahya, NM; Fu, HJ; Yusoff, WAW 2019 Engineering Application Of Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018 (Eaaic 2018)
2 Book Chapter CO-AUTHOR Evaluation of Influence of Principles Involved in Industry 4.0 Over Coal Industries Using TISM S.G. Ponnambalam, Nachiappan Subramanian, Manoj Kumar Tiwari and Wan Azhar Wan Yusoff 2019 Industry 4.0 And Hyper-Customized Smart Manufacturing Supply Chains
3 Conference Paper AUTHOR Optimization of PID Parameters Utilizing Variable Weight Grey-Taguchi Method and Particle Swarm Optimization Azmi N.I.M., Piah K.A.M., Yusoff W.A.W., Romlay F.R.M. 2018 Iop Conference Series: Materials Science And Engineering
4 Conference Paper AUTHOR PSO-based PID Speed Control of Traveling Wave Ultrasonic Motor under Temperature Disturbance Piah K.A.M., Yusoff W.A.W., Azmi N.I.M., Romlay F.R.M. 2018 Iop Conference Series: Materials Science And Engineering
5 Conference Paper AUTHOR Global mobile robot path planning using laser simulator Ali M.A.H., Yusoff W.A.B.W., Hamedon Z.B., Yusssof Z.B.M., Mailah M. 2017 2016 2nd Ieee International Symposium On Robotics And Manufacturing Automation, Roma 2016
6   Conference Paper CO-AUTHOR Low Cost Night Vision System for Intruder Detection   Ng L.S., Yusoff W.A.W., Dhinesh R., Sak J.S. 2016   Iop Conference Series: Materials Science And Engineering

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No Project Customer Start Date End Date Project Amount (RM)
No Type Name Registration No File Date
1 Patent A Cnc Interpolator 2020007223 31-DEC-2020
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